I really thought that we were just having fun. (x)
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Anonymous: It's ok to not be ok and to not want people to tell you that it's ok. I just want you to know that you're not alone. Also your hair is really nice and I hope that you wake up tomorrow and have a great hair day. Keep on keepin on.

It just really does feel that way most of the time but I guess I’m not because I have some really lovely followers thank you so much! Haha my hair is a mess at the moment it needs redoing and thank you again sweetheart!

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"how could you be down on a fucking beautiful day like this? this is the shit. you are the shit. you are an individual. you are fucking beautiful. you are not one in the crowd, you are the fucking crowd. growing up won’t bring us down." - john o’callaghan

So you know how it’s been like murderously hot? I have a fucking cold like how does this happen

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